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Sunday, July 29, 2012

About those "limited projects"...

Well, I know I'm trying to stick to just the three gaming projects (Flames of War, Bolt Action, and Saga), but I was unable to resist getting involved in two more projects this week, one historical and one non-historical.

The store's copies of Musket and Tomahawk from Tomahawk Studios (makers of Saga) came in this week, and the game looks better than I imagined.  Now we're looking for good miniatures; the best chance of getting these will be the Conquest Miniatures line just purchased by Warlord (the Bolt Action guys).  This game is both French and Indian War and the American Revolution (called American War of Independence across the pond), and allows for armies to play in both periods.  The army lists are substantial: for example, I'll be able to run American colonists with up to 50% French forces, and some Indian forces mixed in as well (most of the armies are able to take Indians, plus they make up their own army).  There are also options for German Mercs.  It's a pretty neat system with a card based element.

I was also able to make a great trade with a friend at the shop to get some Space Wolves to try out the new Warhammer 40k edition (6th, I've played since 1st).  I had gotten out of the game for a few years, but the community at the shop is getting stronger and the game has been well received.  I feel the improvements make the game fun and I'm having a great time.  There was an intro tournament at the shop this past Saturday and I had a lot of FUN, which is the purpose of wargames.

I'll be posting some pics of my finished projects soon.  My initial stage of Bolt Action (around 700-800 points) is almost complete, and I'll be posting some Flames of War as I get them done as well.

On another note, I was accepted into University of Tulsa's College of Law last week (a not so easy feat).  I will be a first year law student in the next two weeks, and my posting and activity may be slim. I'll keep everyone posted here.

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Current Projects!

Right now, I'm trying (very hard) to stick to three games: Flames of War (15mm WW2), Saga (Dark Ages skirmish, very cool little game), and the upcoming Bolt Action (28mm WW2). 

Flames of War has been a lot of fun for me, especially since the release of Third Edition (and the subsequent army books Blood, Guts, and Glory along with Devil's Charge).  The Tank Aces league at the FLGS just concluded and was a blast, and I learned a lot about running a Flames of War league as well.  I'm currently working mainly on Late War U.S. (DC U.S. Rifle Company, BGG U.S. Tank Company). 

My Rifle Company is based off of the unit I deployed with when it was a Division level unit back in WW2, the 45th Infantry.  I was basing it off of the Dog's and Devil's list (since the 45th was at Anzio), but that list is fairly specialized and does not include some of the cool stuff like normal Tank Destroyers.  The Devil's Charge Rifle Company (using the 2nd ID rules) is set up for third edition, and has a lot of new toys like Calliopes and Xylophone Rockets (plus the Tank Platoon can upgrade to have a Jumbo and 2 76mm Shermans). 

My HQ Platoon: They have since been modified to have brown wool pants.

My Tank Company is based on the 1st Armored Division, which was deployed in reserve at Anzio with the 45th and had some elements train together.  I'm using the BGG 4th Division Tank Company list for this one, with two fully upgraded Tank Platoons (2 E8's and Jumbo). 

Platoon of M4A1 Shermans.  I've since added E8's and Jumbos for the Tank Co., and regular M4A1 76mm and Jumbo for the Rifle Co.

Both of these armies I'm still painting and are mostly built.  I'm enjoying playing Flames of War with 3rd Edition quite a bit.  I'll be adding some rocket launchers soon!

I also have been a big evangelist for Bolt Action the past month or so.  After seeing a preview copy of the rules at the shop I think this rules set is going to be a great platoon level skirmish set.  It gets rid of the normal "I Go You Go" turn structure and causes you to react to your opponent as events happen.  Plus it has a great range already available from Warlord.

Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant, and their buddy in his Tank.

The plastic multi-pose models are fantastic.  I was able to build a full two squad platoon (24 guys) and a Lieutenant from one box (36 bucks).  This is your compulsory, but you can lower the squads to 5 men apiece and use the remainder of the box for special weapons (Bazooka and Sniper from the normal box, also a Flamethrower in the Ranger box).  Vehicles are amazingly detailed resin.  I can't wait for the rules to be released and will be pushing the game big time.

I have also recently been introduced to Saga.  This game is a great pickup game which is set in the age of Viking invasion!  The rules contain battle boards, which each army uses one of, and a set of dice is available for each army to use with the rules.  I picked up both the Scots and the Skraelings, and can't wait until I get these armies painted and on the table.

That's a quick rundown of the three games I'm concentrated on at the moment.  It's hard with all of the cool stuff coming out right now to keep just three game projects going on.  I'll be updating the blog with these projects in progress.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kicking things off with a BANG!

Well, I picked an interesting day to start this new blog.

One of the things we discuss at the FLGS (Top Deck Games, Tulsa, OK) is how the miniatures companies operate, how they treat retailers and customers; just business chat.  And myself, having a Business Management degree, love to analyze the decision making process.

For example:  One of the reasons I quit playing a lot of Games Workshop games was because I was able to play many great historical games for a much better value.  Many times we discuss how they may be pricing themselves out of business when there are much better options out there.  But we discuss other company's decisions as well.

Today, Battlefront Miniatures posted a new policy at their sponsored events.  Previous to now, any company's models were allowed at any event.  Now, at BF sponsored events (Masters, Nationals, etc.) only Battlefront-produced miniatures will be allowed.

I find myself seeing both sides to this.

Players who have invested in models which BF either doesn't produce or didn't meet the players budget do have a legitimate gripe.  The policy always was one way, so players didn't need to seem concerned with having to stick with BF models.  Our FLGS (Top Deck Games) has stocked Plastic Soldier Company to give folks a lower price point to get into the game (but it doesn't sell as well as BF minis anyway).  Although, it seems to me and what I've seen, most players have purchased BF for the majority of their models.

On the other side, after much discussion and after a lot of the fervor decreased, there are some logical reasons this step was made.  Plastic Soldier Company has been ACTIVELY releasing models in advance of BF's releases, and while these models are cheaper, IMO you get what you pay for.  Plus, PSC has announced they are producing wargames rules.  I think these might be two of the major problems BF has with the competing model companies.

I definitely hate to ride the line between both sides, but I can see both the sides in this argument.  I definitely feel that it might have been communicated better, and BF staff probably should have let the fervor and emotion die down before making a response.  For their part, they have not locked the forums (as of now) and are letting the discussion happen.  I KNOW that some other major minis companies would not allow this to happen.

Let's give this some time and see how it plays out.  I know everyone will not be happy but remember, honestly, if it weren't for BF, 15mm WW2 would not be having the player numbers and sales for game stores as it has.  So give credit where credit is due.

Feel free to comment, and keep discussion civil.